Episode 16 – Sex Toys

Recorded live via KPISS.FM, in which Rina from Indulgence Boutique joins us as we discuss sex toys, the Victator’s moment with Dr. Chris Donahue, penis oriented sex-toy company TENGA‘s study “The United States of Masturbation,” notions of masculinity as a barrier to cis-male use of toys, Ms. Mayness’ trunk full of toys, the lack of friendly sex toy stores outside of major cities, how timing is everything when introducing toys to partners, checking that ego, Kegel detectors, orgasm noises (or lack thereof), ease of orgasms as baller status, and a blow-job hack for the deep-throat-averse. PLUS: a very special appearance from the KPISS landlord.

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Episode 14 – Sex in Long-Term Relationships

Recorded live via KPISS.FM, in which Lucy joins us as we discuss sex in long-term relationships, “givin’ out the fake cellphone and name,” defining “relationships” outside of exclusivity, when sex plummets off the cliff of priorities, sex frequency, how Gale needs sex ALL THE TIME, how emotional distance can get you stuck in the lust zone, and how sex is sometimes (shocker!) better in LTRs, the Victator gets sappy in her PMS, stress as a lady-boner killer vs. sex as stress relief, the Octopussy, masturbation and cohabitation, cumming standing up, saving your orgasms, and what the hell “multiple orgasms” really means.

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Episode 6: Orgasms

Recorded live via KPISS.FM, in which we discuss orgasms with burlesque performer and drag king Foxy Squire and playwright and slutty man Fred, Victator’s flirtatious musical chairs, cis dude orgasms vs. cis lady orgasms, cumming vs. orgasms (is there a difference? the answer may surprise you), refractory periods of men and women, consent between doms and subs, difficulty in making consent talks sexy, how consensual sex does not necessarily equal good sex, Fred’s pre-recording hookup, blowjobs, how vibrators and cock rings can be problematic, dogs barking in Piss Alley, full body orgasms vs little orgasms, asexuals and demisexuals, and how you make NuBritt and Victator cum AT YOUR OWN RISK. Also, check out Fred’s new play at astronautloveshow.com and Foxy’s events and everything at foxysquire.com.

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