Episode 7: Generational Shifts in Queer Identity (Plus a bonus on vulnerability)

Recorded live via kpiss.fm, in which Isaac makes his cohosting debut and Young Cecilia and Lesbian Grandma/B-Movie Maven Lola RocknRolla join us as we discuss vulnerability in recording, transitioning, as well as dating, titties at Motor City, Isaac’s neck beard, meeting one’s mate via online role play (not even the sexy kind), finger banging at Port Authority (never happened!), generational differences in discovering queerness, sexy lesbian vampire films, drywalling as a new sexual term, U-Hauling (have the young’uns really never heard of it?) queer identification vs. bisexual identification, how bisexuals perpetually get a bad rap, and the importance of queerness in pop culture (GLEE!). Also go to FluxWeekly.com for Isaac’s news and culture blog, check out Lola’s campy films at lolarocknrolla.com, and Cecilia’s sentimental poetry at myriadsofdreams.wordpress.com. Also, the Victator doesn’t really hate lesbians (I mean, she is one).

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Bonus Minicast: NuBritt’s Goodbye (Not Really)

Recorded not quite live from NuBritt’s bed, in which the Victator and NuBritt’s butts become one, NuBritt signs off (temporarily!), the Victator threatens anyone who keeps NuBritt away, we introduce our new segment NuBritt-At-Large, NuBritt packs, and Victator poops.

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