Episode 9 – Dating and Fucking after Divorce

Recorded live via KPISS.FM, in which the Victator and Isaac and special guest Robbyn discuss the Victator’s post on Dan Savage’s Love Letter of the Day, reusing sex toys with new partners, dating and fucking after divorce, lesbian bed death – a thing?, when your vagina is a BIG GAPING WOUND, how your sexual interests and desires change depending on who you are with and as you get older, asking for what you want and how that is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, sex toy briefcases!, height preferences in partners, strap-on dangers, sex after hysterectomies, DOUBLE FISTING IRL WHAT, having sex with your clothes on, public sex, and Young Cecilia’s amazing piece on Flux Weekly. NuBritt follows up at Large in Barranquilla, Colombia and talking about her marriage and divorce, how love is not enough, slutting it up in NYC, asking new questions, coming out as bisexual, bisexual invisibility, tossing that salad, knowing what you want, accidentally ending up in a relationship cause the sex is good, the minefields of sex talk, the smorgasbord or “plat du jour” of sexual experiences, the greatness of prioritizing your own pleasure, how ass play between heterosexual people is still stigmatized, ggg fundamentals, sexy PSA, and be kind out there.

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