Episode 12: Threesomes

Recorded live via Kpiss.fm, in which we introduce new permanent cohost, Gale Mayness, whom some of you may remember from our episode on cunnilingus, the Victator reveals that Justin Trudeau plays a very special role in her relationship with her lady friend, friend to Ms. Mayness and fellow group sex enthusiast Staggy Mulligan joins us as we discuss the ins and outs (heh) of threesomes, unicorn etiquette, when to lay your cards on the table, “totally okay” incest situations, and a new and innovative way to use a hotel room bible.

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Gale Mayness Joins LLiNYC as Cohost

The Victator here: I’m beyond excited to announce the addition of my new cohost, Gale Mayness! You may know her from our episode on cunnilingus. I have no doubt she will bring hilarity, sluttiness, and overall badassery to the show. Her cohosting debut will soon be released on our episode on group sex. Until then, check out her bio on our “About” page.