Episode 10 – Intimacy (Farts)

Recorded live via KPISS.FM, in which Jax pinch hits as Cohost (Isaac’s taking a leave) and we discuss scissoring (there’s no crying in scissoring), the Victator’s comments in Cosmo, LLiNYC’s listing as one of the best sex podcasts, intimacy and what that means, farting in front of your partners, dutch ovens, picking your lover’s acne, being a timid tinkler (pee!), financial differences in relationships and how to handle them, and knowing what you want in life and how hard it is to talk about when you don’t. NuBritt follows up from Nantahala River, NC and gets intimate with our listeners as she discusses big changes in her personal life, how she’s sapiosexual, how someone being sexy does not equal sexual or emotional compatibility, that being with honest with others requires being honest with yourself, how she’s happiest in pjs with a book, the intimacy of dive bars, lesbians in Savannah GA, and emotional consent. Follow Jax on instagram @JaxRichter.

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LLiNYC Makes Thrillist’s 11 Best Sex Podcasts

While the title says “11 Entertaining Podcasts About Sex,” you can’t ignore the word “best” in the url: https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/11-best-sex-podcasts

Per the article: “Livin’ and Lovin’ in NYC – The show’s logo and its inclusionary tactics are in good taste here, but Livin’ and Lovin’ is not for the weak of heart. Discussing all angles of the gay scene with frankness, curious queers will take great comfort in Isaac, NuBritt, and the Victator as friendly guides. New York City has an amplifying effect on dating; it’s like any other city, except that already-short attention spans are about a tenth as long. The threesome is comfortable with and confident in its subject matter, offering a voice to the underrepresented people of the gay alphabet, and doing it in the most wild ways possible.”

We at Livin’ and Lovin’ are excited but mostly humbled to be in the company of the Savage Lovecast, Love and Radio, and Death, Sex & Money.